Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Primer experiment #1: L'Oreal Paris Studio Secret Magic Perfecting Base a Hit or Miss???

Recently my friend and I tried this product to see if it was worth buying or not. I will start by telling you that my friend is caucasian. I wanted to see if it would work differently on different skin types. Frist Heather used the base, came to work and no one noticed a difference. She was upset that her skin did not feel any softer nor was it easier to apply her foundation. I tried the base a couple of days later and instead of using a powder foundation I used the press powder foundation to see if tat would make a difference. Unfortunately the base did not make my skin any softer nor was it easier to apply my foundation. I would suggest you try the base for yourself to see if you like it but for Heather and I it was a definite MISS.


Amanda said...

I have tried many different primers - and I can honestly say that I am not a fan of this primer. It dos not give you the "primed" soft canvas to paint your make up masterpiece on.

However, in my millions of trial and error I have found that I love Origins - White Tea Skin Guardian as a great option.

Now I know this next one sounds DISGUSTING however, using Monistat (yes the female itchy product) is one of the BEST primers EVER! I had a national make up artist give me that tip once...and it truly does work. Sounds gross I know...but hey the things we do for beauty you know!

Sue Lidstone said...

I tried L'oreal Studio Secrets perfecting base and I LOVE it! I have had a very bad complexion since I was a teen, and this is the product I've always been waiting for! It glides on my skin smoothly and evenly, evens out my skin tone, and covers my acne scars beautifully. I am so scared that they might discontinue this product that I might head back to the drugstore and buy them out! My skin looks so good when I'm wearing this stuff I don't even NEED foundation. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOOOOOVE IT!

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