Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ready Set Shop

Black Friday is near and everyone is trying to map out the best way to shop to get the best deals. Unfortunately I will not be out in the mist of the crowd this year but I always look for the deals. Currently I think the best deals are on the televisions this year. Target, who is opening at 4 AM, is offering a 40 in Westinghouse LCD television for 298.00, which are normally 549.00.   Wal-Mart has a 32-inch Emerson LCD television for 198.00.  Also the Samsung dual vision Camera is on sale for 99 and I paid way more for mine. I love that camera. Definitely worth the buy. Wal-Mart’s deals start at 5 AM.  To see other deals check out this website http://blackfridayads2010.info/walmart/walmart-black-friday-adscan-01.php
Hope you get to purchase all of the wonderful items. Have fun and be safe.

P.S. I might be out just to photograph the madness. 

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