Monday, September 13, 2010

Fashion Week Experience (NYC Sept 2010)

Hey fellow bloggers...I finally got to experience a show at fashion week first hand and it was fabulous. I can't wait to experience more in the near future. As I was trying to decide what to wear to the show I was super nervous at the same time, thinking what if something happens and we do not make it. What if they do not let us in. All negative things running through my head. The outfit, khaki jumpsuit, that I initially brought to wear to the show was a no thanks to mother nature making me even more paranoid. So I think I should just wear something that is comfortable but edgy. I decided to go with grey skinny jeans, white tank, studded booties and a short leather jacket, see below.

The show we attended was the Academy of Arts MFA students.  It is one of the only colleges to have shows at Fashion Week. Not knowing what to expect once the show started I was very impressed. It was a wonderful experience to be at the actual show. I loved the opportunity to see Ms. J from ANTM, Leann Marshall from Project Runway and Kevin Christiana from Project Runway.  Other than the fabulous people attending the show was amazing. The work of the MFA students was superb.

The first designer Jungah Lee used the fabrics of latex and silk to created a very feminine collection. The color pallet was soft pinks, blues and gold. My favorite piece from the collection was a one shoulder textured dress.  It was beautiful.

The second designer Cara Chiappetta created a collection that was feminine menswear.  I could see her collection being worn by the corporate women of power who have a strong fashion sense as well. The collection was structured and well put together. My favorite piece was the black jumpsuit.  It was classy yet edgy.

Next we had, Louie Llewellyn and Xiang Zhang who created a ridiculous men’s collection. Every piece was well made. I did not have a favorite piece. I loved all of them. The color pallet was well thought out. Everything just made sense.

The next collection was made by a group of students. I feel the group wanted to try something different. It was a print collection combined of many prints. I did not care for the exaggerated hips on some of the pieces.

April Howard created a very edgy collection. It was made out of leather. I liked her pieces. She only used one color, I would have preferred to see other colors but her clothes were well made.

Camille Olson is next with a chic work collection. It was very feminine using silk for the material on the dresses but adding the caging brought on an edgy vibe. It was super interesting and all of the pieces were ready to wear. I would love to wear one of the dresses in the office.

The last designer, Maria Korovilas, showed her expertise in beading. It was very lux and beautiful. Her collection looked very rich and expensive. The color pallet also added a rich feeling. I loved the lace-beaded dress.

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