Friday, January 29, 2010

Hard to Find a Good Hairstylist

One day I was talking to one of my friends, who is fairly new to Columbus. I found it very disturbing to find out that she thought that the women in Columbus did not have any style. Her and her fellow friends from Dayton, Ohio felt like the women in Columbus didn’t have cute hair styles or a good fashion sense. She went on saying that the women here only wear tennis shoes and pony tails and never dress up. I came back by saying maybe you are not hanging out in the right spots. All of the places that I go to the women are dressed to impress.

However I did agree that it is hard to find a good stylist in Columbus but I have been to 5 of the best stylist in Columbus. Now in my younger years I went to Joia Mercedes and after she left to start her career in LA I felt lost. She was greatly missed. I then started going to Lakisha at Ki’Essence. Being a student she became a little too pricy for me but she is the bomb. Moving on I then started getting my hair done by Rochelle Miller. She concentrates on healthy hair therefore she will not put glueed weave or put any permanent color in your hair. At that specific time in my life I wanted to do many different things with my hair so here I was once again looking for another stylist. Pam was the next stylist I went to. She is awesome with long hair but chooses not to do short hair. All of her clients have beautiful mid length or long hair. I wanted something short and sassy, something new. I was searching around for new trendy stylist. My friend suggested her stylist Christina Crump.

Since, I have been getting my hair done weekly by her I am always getting compliments. Everyone is always asking me where I get my hair done at or who does my hair. Christina does excellent hair. She concentrates on healthy hair and trendy styles. I am always impressed by what she does to my hair and also all of her creative events that she has. Check out her website

Top Columbus Stylist (in my opinion whom I have gone to)

Christina Crump (4th and High Hair Studio)

Joia Mercedes (LA, ATL, Cols)

Pam (Salone Hair Nail & Body Group)

Lakisha Harden (Ki’Essence)

Rochelle Miller (Ohh's and Ahh's)

Angel Calloway (Styles of Distinction)

Pat O’Daniels (Chibamba Coiffures)

Some of my hairstyles from Christina                                             


Hairstyle By Joia (front and back view)

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