Thursday, January 21, 2010

OMG....I am too excited to have just recently joined This website is amazing. For you ladies that want to get the hottest shoes on a budget this site is for you. Shoedazzle is a membership site that sets you up with an account based off of your style. You take a style survey so they can detect your style. The website then asks you to register but only if you want to. Once registered within 24 hours you should receive an email that has 5 shoes that fit your style. It is then available for you to purchase one of the selections. But wait there is more. The shoes only cost 39.95. You get one a month. I am trying it out first. I will give you an update on if it is too good to be true or not. I found out that if you don't purchase anything or if you don't hit skip this month you will get charged that membership fee.


I have received my shoe selections. I have posted the pictures below so you can see what type of options they have. Which one should I chose?






1 comment:

Kameela said...

You should go with the Manhattan for the last month of winter, because it has such an edge to it!

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