Monday, May 17, 2010

Operation Carrie Bradshaw

How to take Carrie's style and make it your own

Hey you SATC fans, if you are like me you have been waiting for the sequel of SATC to come out to see the fabulous fashions of Carrie Bradshaw. I absolutely love the outrageous fashions of the Bardshaw character.  Some may find her outfits overwhelming but if it is you can always take a piece from it and make it your own.

Lets take this wonderful vintage newspaper dress of Dior's 2000 Fall line. I think it is a dress that would make you stand out in the crowd but it may be a little much for some of you.  However the style of the dress would look amazing on pretty much every body type. Put it with a shoe that adds that pop of color and you are good to go. Now for you stylistas you think this dress is yummy. I would have put it with a red, yellow or royal blue shoe if I wore it. But I love love love the Christian Louboutin open toe booties Carrie is wearing.

The J'adore Dior 8 t-shirt is going to be a hot commodity this s/s.  Everyone wants to find one. My guess to have it to wear to see the new movie. The ball gown is a little much but we all know that is totally Carrie Bradshaw and only someone little and petite can get away with that. However ladies we can snatch the t-shirt pair it with some skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans and throw some heels on with a cute leather jacket.

Everyone loves the white Halston dress. There is nothing I would change about this look. You can add jewelry and shoes that make it your own. This particular dress would look so cute with pair of gladiator shoes for a more casual look then a strappy sandal to dress it up. The blue Halston dress is just as cute. It is very feminine. Like the other dress this one can be paired with cute flats or strappy heels.

I love the peach Halston dress. The assymetrical dress one shoulder dress is very trendy and fab. This dress looks amazing with a strappy sandal. You can add your flavor with special pieces of jewelry of your taste. I would piece the dress with gold accessories and strappy gold shoes.

Fab Find: Guess what ladies I found an inexpensive version of the white Halston dress. I found the similiar dress on for 43.96 however it only comes in pink or navy.


Audrey Allure said...

Absolutely love the fashion in SATC. Can't wait for the sequel movie!

Noble Beeyotch said...

Great post! You made it all seem very simple...since most of us do not have the body or the personality to wear carrie-esque outfits in real life, this post would be a great help in incorporating her style into our individual wardrobes!

Thanks for the blog award you gave me. I love you for that!

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

great insight, i really enjoyed reading this post!

lorenabr said...

Heeey I so want to watch this movie :)

By the way I just opened an etsy shop so stop by for some new fashion design

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