Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Reality Recap Begins pt. 1

It is only Monday and yet there has been so many reality tv shows to catch up on.

Jersey Shore
Oh yeah......it is back...this season was highly anticipated, which was showed by the ratings. 8.5 million people tuned in to see the group get back together. I want to first say KICK SAMMIE OFF!!! Her and her little stank attitude needs to go. She came in trying to start some mess by picking the room with 3 beds knowing no one likes her and would want to share a room with her and Ronnie. That should have been the room of MVP. Deena came in with a positive attitude trying to give everyone the benefit of doubt but she was a straight evil B to her. Sammie needs to go!!! The fact that she thinks she is hard because she got one punch in with J-Woww in the previous season, makes it worse. I love this show and can't wait to see what is in store.
My prediction: I think Snooki and Deena will get into it over a guy.

Basketball Wives
Now with BB Wives...OMG...if that isn't a bunch of ghetto mess. First off Shaunie is an instigator. She was told that them fools were not invited to the charity event but still gave them the address, then wants to act as if she didn't know how or why they came. Then we have Tami's ghetto self trying to fight at the event. Who does that...poor little Jennifer didn't know what to do but run.

What Chilli Wants
Chilli, sweetie let Floyd go. He is not trying to be in a relationship with you. Tionna is bringing you too many fine men to be stuck on a man that is playing with your emotions. Take the earrings and go girl. He is not the one.  Let go of your little list. Come up with a list of things that you absolutely cannot live with instead, for example, smokers, man with more than 2 kids, etc. Stop being so picky or you will be alone forever.

Brandy and Ray J
I think a lot of women can relate to Brandy right now. I know a lot of my friends can. We are all at the age where we want to meet someone that wants to be with us without all of the drama and games. I am surprised however by the fact that she is BRANDY and cannot find anyone easily. That makes me feel like there is no hope for normal chicas like myself. Ray boo boo get rid of your girl until you are ready to treat her right. She is a good girl and you claiming you a GROWN MAN all the time is annoying...Who are you trying to convince. I hate when men try to say that mess. We know you are grown but it is about respect. I love this show, Brandy, Shay and Ray J, and I love the relationship that Brandy and Ray J have as brother and sister. I just wish that the show was an hour like it used to be. Please switch BB Wives back to a half an hour and Brandy and Ray J back to an hour please and thank you.

Kendra (Season Finale)
I love Kendra and Hank. They are truly in love with one another. I love how they show us how important it is to make efforts to keep a marriage strong.  They show the audience that long distance relationships can work if you allow them to. Awaiting for next season with new baby...just hoping there will be a new baby.

Real Housewives of ATL
I do not enjoy watching Kim's non-singing butt perform. It is uber annoying. Kim why are you such a DIVA....Kandi put all that money into the tour bus and all you did was complain. She didn't need you on her tour. She would have been fine without you. Kandi next time drop her and Sweetie's butt off at the nearest rest stop. Phaedra Phaedra Phaedra...this chick is forever coming up with a party for something.  The Sip and See but don't touch the baby.  I love it.  The Phaedra comment of the night"...big ol donkey booty like a reindeer..."WTH  too funny. Cynthia you know you really don't want to marry that man.  You bringing up the fact that he owes you money. You are about to be one so your money is his money and vice versa. If you are not ready for that please pump the breaks on the wedding. Loved the appearance of Hill Harper. I love a strong, black, educated man. Can't wait to see next week's episode when Nene gets into with Kim.

The Bachelor
I didn't watch the whole episode but I did see the wonderful Pretty Woman themed date that Brad gave to Jackie. It started off with a spa day in Beverly Hills, then he took her to a room filled with beautiful dresses for their date later that night. She was told to try on whatever and take whichever one she wanted. There was a makeup artist and hair stylist there to get her ready for the date. Once she was dressed a car took them to the Hollywood Bowl Amphitheater where they had a private dinner for two. Once she thought it couldn't get any better, Train (the band) appeared for a private concert. Now that is how you have a first date fellas. Take note.

Bad Girls Club
Whoa...the seasons are getting worse and worse. The women are coming in trying to fight as soon as they get in the house. I hope it is not like last season meaning I don't want to have a revolving door with chicks leaving and coming through the whole show. We don't get to know the characters, I know it is reality but these women are characters. Jade already left the show with her crazy self. Nikki (the football player) pushed all her little buttons and sent her packing. I don't know how much long Nikki will last though. The house seems like they will be going against her. I don't think Char fits in. I think she is too "mature" to be on that show. I don't think the girl from KY will last. This will be interesting.

Kimora's Life in the Fab Lane
Wow...really an 8 year old party at the Four Seasons....get the heck out of here. Kimora is too much. Aoki is turning 8 and wanted to have a fashion show party at the Four Seasons with a Chanel inspired cake. What does this child know about the Four Seasons. I can't wait to see what Kimora has in store for her daughter's sweet sixteen party. I hope reality tv is still going strong so we can see the extravagant party that will be. Kimora you are creating a monster. The party turned out super cute but it was too much for an eight year old. I loved how Kimora was able to help the Make a Wish Foundation. That was a beautiful thing.

I love REALITY TV...it is my guilty pleasure. I will keep you posting weekly for updates.

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