Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Game

Everyone keeps talking about how disappointed they were with The Game and how you will not be watching anymore. What were you expecting people!!!  From all of the info given to us by the web and the appearances on different talk shows we already knew what was going to happen. We knew they were not starting the show where they left off, that Tasha’s new love interest was Terrence J, that Kelly would have her reality show and that Melanie is still on the baby not being Derwin’s. I did not dislike nor like the episode. It was cool. I guess my expectations were not as high as some of you others. I liked how it was more like a soap opera rather than a sitcom.

Now there were a few WTF moments in the show, one that sticks out in my mind the most is Tasha smoking a black and mild. When the heck did she start smoking??? Next moment Britt Brat…boy did she grow up within the “two year” timeframe. Sheree is one of my favorite housewives from ROHA but her one line appearance was SUPER pointless. Give her a bigger part, maybe Jason’s love interest.

I know a lot of you are saying you will not continue to watch the show but it was we, the fans that helped bring this show back. We don’t have any decent black sitcoms out there why get rid of this one. All of the stupid Tyler Perry shows are lasting why can’t we have one that is decent. We need to continue to support this show. I don’t know any sitcom or drama that does not have one bad episode but we continue to watch. For example Grey’s Anatomy, was on a streak of bad episodes but we didn’t lose hope on it why give up on a show for our people.  Constantly we are complaining about how there are no black shows for us to watch but we are the reasons why they get taken away. We are too DAMN critical. We do not support. So I will say this even if you don’t want to watch it, set your DVR so the show will continue to come on for those of us who want to see a decent black show, because in my opinion that is the only one we have.

I will be tuning in so should you. 


Frost said...

Yeah, I thought it was ridiculous how some people were bitching and saying they wouldn't watch anymore.

Hmm.. it's one episode. Are you serious? What quitters lol

I liked it. Of course, there were some things I would have prefered if it were different (Brittany, Baby should not be his) but I have been a loyal fan from the BEGINNING and will continue to be.


Ag said...

I still have yet to watch it you know. you didn't spoil it for me though! I am happy that the show is continuing. and I am hoping BET doesn't disappoint us and let's the show run for at least 3 more seasons you know!

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