Sunday, February 7, 2010

Black Fashion Icons

When I think of fashion icons I think of the ladies that are not afraid to take risks and they always look good doing so. They are the women that you talk about weeks after the event has gone on. These are the ladies that have people going out trying to resemble them whether it is their hair, clothes or shoes.  When  I think of icons I think of these ladies are the first to come to my mind:

Patti LaBelle

Ms. Patti is one of the women that I have always looked up to since being a little girl. I have always enjoyed the unique fashions and hair styles that she would wear in her videos and appearances on television shows. Besides aging timelessly, Patti has always been someone to look to for the fashion forward styles. Recently she was on the Monique Show and could not wear the shoes that she wanted to wear because of a foot injury.  She wore flats but don't think she didn't carry her Louboutin's out with her to show the crowd what she was going to wear. And they sat beside her during her interview. We love everything about Patti LaBelle from singing to fashion to hairstyles. Ms LaBelle you truly are a fashion icon.

Ms Berry Ms Berry

Halle Berry always has you waiting to see what dress she is going wear at the awards shows. The infamous dress from the 2010 Golden Globes will not be forgotten but that is not the only one that we will remember. Halle aways wears dresses that make you do a double take. She is also the woman with many hairstyles. She does short then goes long. She looks good in both but I really like the short hair on her. Keep doing what you do we love your style Halle.


Iman started in the fashion industry in 1976. Since she has sky rocketed to the top in the fashion industry. Iman is always looking her best wherever she is. She is very beautiful. She has now branched out into the cosmetic and fragrance industry also. She has been doing her thing in the industry. Iman has gotten her daughter in the industry as well. Her daughter represents the full figured women of the world. She told Monique that she started in the business to follow in her mother's footsteps. Iman we salute you. You too are a fashion icon.


Ms Bey...yes yes... you already know all of the world wants to immulate you from men, to women, to children of all ages. That was shown with all of the single ladies videos remade on youtube. You style is one of a kind. Everyone is always talking about Beyonce. The public must know what she had on. Her dresses are very unique. She makes sure that she stands out in the crowd. Some might say that she is too young to be an icon but she started early and she started strong. With her singing, acting, frangrance and clothing line she has proved that she is a force to be reckoned with. She is and will be for a long time, the icon of many young women.


This edgy superstar has got it going on. She keeps america talking with her fashion forward hairstyles and outfits. She is always taking risks. As she get older she is growing into her own style. There is no one out there wih the same style as Rihanna. Young girls all over the world went out to get the infamous star tattoos that she and Chris Brown had. And let's not forget shaving the sides of her head. So many women have been shaving their hair because Rihanna has given them the courage to try new things. Rihanna is the edgy chic icon of this century.

Watch out for Taraji P Hensen she will soon be one of our Icons. She has been making a name for heself recently. Stay tuned.  But let's not forget about our men. The men who look debonaire on the red carpets. The handsome men that keeps us wanting more when we see them. When I think of men with style I think of the following:


Everyone who knows me knows I absolute love anything and everything about Diddy. This man is smart and has a keen fashion sense. I love how he can go from street clothes to red carpet attire and how he looks good in both. The versatility in a man is sexy. This Renaissance man has you thinking about what he is going to do next. His clothing line, Sean John won him the award for Menswear Designer of the Year. His music, acting, fashion, fragrance and television producing keeps him in the spotlight and he knows how to look good being in it.


When I think about Common I think of a man that never looks bad. You will never see him on the worst dressed lists. When you see Common he is always well put together. Recently on the Grammy’s red carpet he gave credit to his stylist for picking out his outfit but he did say that he put his twist on it with is scarf and pocket square. Common has recently branched out from just rapping and has become an excellent actor in the process. Common we applaud you for looking fabulous every time we see you.


Thanks to his ex-wife, Usher has been known to be very stylish. Usher is a risk taker. He dresses in clothes that are fashion forward. He is not afraid to try something that no one has been seen in before. I love that about him. His image has changed over the years and you can tell that he is maturing into a Grown Man. He comes across as being very confident. What woman doesn’t want a confident man?

Denzel Washington

Denzel, Denzel ...this man is fine. He keeps women of all ages screaming for him. His style is classic. He knows how to wear a tux as well as a suit. Washington is never disappointing on the red carpet. He is a role model to all of the young brothers out there. He shows them how to appear confident but not cocky. Denzel's style is is timeless.

Kanye West

How could I forget Kanye....This man is the absolute King of Style right now. He is known for also wearing Louis Vuitton. He makes a statement with everything he has on. From the shutter glasses that were in the Stronger video to the designs in his hair. Kanye is the fashion Icon to all of the youth in the world. Now that he has his model girlfriend the two are unstoppable when it comes to being trendsetters. Amazing job Kanye keep it fresh.

Neo would be the man to lookout for in the future. He is very stylish but I think he needs to be more versatile. You always see him in a nice suit with a scarf and a hat. Once he can show us different looks he will be someone that we can look at as an Icon. Neo we are waiting.

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