Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ladies Grab Your Jeggings

One of the hot trends repeating itself another year, for spring and summer will be Jean Leggings aka Jeggings. They are light weight, chic and comfortable. I have been looking around and the jeggings run in the price range from 10-120 dollars depending on what you want them to look like. I am still searching for the ones that I want because the pair that I really liked were too expensive from ASOS. But of course I have to show you what they look like ; ).  They look just like a cute pair of jeans but they are leggings so I don't see a reason to pay jean prices for leggings.

Vero Moda Ripped Denim Leggings 71.01

Golde Stitched Jeggings 89.00

I have found a couple of reasonable priced jeggings online.Whatever price you want to pay you shoud have at least one pair in your closet. The following are affordable so have at it ladies grab a pair.
They are so cute.

Denim Look Leggings  14.50

Denim Leggings with Zippers  34.50

Faux Denim Leggings 9.50


Side Snap Denim Leggings 38.00

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