Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beauty Experiment # 3 Lash Extensions

Hey ladies

It has been a while. Boy have I missed blogging. Unfortunately my laptop was stolen and I haven't had time to go anywhere to blog, but I'm Back!!!  You know I like to try new things and tell everyone about it. This time I wanted to try eye lash extensions. I am always on Facebook looking for makeup artists, photographers, stylists etc so I came across Dacia Whiteside of Peacock Pro. She is a makeup artist/ lash extensionist. After my week of being robbed and car being hit I decided that I will do something that will make me feel glamorous and beautiful. I hit her up on email to schedule an appointment. With the confirmation I received a long list of things to be aware of, which was overwhelming.  I started to back out but I didn't.

Once at my appointment, she reminded me of the important things not to do during the process. The main thing was do NOT open your eyes. You would think that would be easy, but since it is expressed not to so much, my eyes wanted to open. I had to concentrate on keeping them closed. Once she started the process it was easier to do. The process took a total of two hours. But it was two hours well worth it. I will be going back in three weeks for my fill in. This might be something I have to keep up. I don't have to wear any mascara. I just put on my foundation and keep it moving. This was a very interesting but relaxing experience. I suggest everyone try it once. Below are some pics of what my lashes look like now.



Frost said...

They look nice on you! I got some for my 23rd birthday, but I think I got too many clusters put on because they were PAINFUL. It hurt to blink. I took them off the next day. :(

Ms.Choice said...

Thank you. OMG...I would have taken them out too or called the person that did them to redo them.

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