Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reality Recap 7/31

Project Runway
Project Runway started this week. So far I am not impressed. No one stood out to me. I am happy it is back and that Michael is back. Hopefully is will grace us with is presence the whole season this time. He was missed last season.  Hope this season is more interesting than last because the people were super boring last season. Bring on the DRAMA!

Design Star

The designers had to design an apartment in one of "The Donald's" buildings.  The loft was supposed to come across as being high end, luxury and represent the Trump Brand.  The apartment is in the heart of Manhattan with a beautiful view. One of the team bombed the challenge. The bathroom was blue, the bed was missing a mattress and the view was covered up by curtains that were not able to be opened. Womp Womp...epic fail. This caused two of the designers to go home. Bye Bye Tom and Stacey.

So You Think You Can Dance

Jose and Billy went home....I think that Jose should have been gone but his personality kept him there.  He was cute but not really that spectacular in all of the genres. Billy was pretty good but not one of my favs. Let's go Kent and Adechike.

Jersey Shore

*Fist Pump*  So excited to see the new season of Jersey Shore.  I was counting down the days until it came on. I can't believe that Angelina is back...She is a dramatic whore. I want J-Woww to tell her off. "The Situation" is my ultimate fav. Ronnie is being a jerk this season.  I didn't really care for him last season but the way he is treating Sammie is ridiculous. Kissing multiple chicks will not get him anywhere but in a clinic. He needs to get it together.  Can't wait to see what happens next week.

I hope this gets you caught up on who got kicked off of shows and what is going on. Give me feedback or if there are other shows you want to get updates on please let me know. TTYS

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