Monday, July 5, 2010

Nordstrom Rack vs. Saks Off 5th

This weekend I had my first definitely not my last shopping experience at Saks Off 5th. Of course I am here to bring my thoughts to you on my wonderful experience. I went solely to find some designer sunglasses for the low but also looked around at the clothes and shoes. With me was my shopping friend to cover parts of the store I didn't make it to. Anywhoo...I found some lovely Dior glasses that got purchased but everything else seemed a little too high to be in a 4th of July sale.

Having going to both of the clearance version of the high end stores I would have to say that Nordstrom Rack has the better deals. I have been to the one in Cincinnati and in Chicago. The Saks Off 5th had some deals for the items to be designer labels but the prices were not marked down as much as Nordstrom Rack marks them. The Off 5th that I went to was also in Cincinnati. I will continue to go to both stores but if you want the better deals go to Nordstrom Rack. Happy Saving.



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