Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nicki are you Kim or Gaga...Please get your own identity

With all of the hype going on between Nicki and Lil Kim I figured I could post some pics and have the people decide. The younger generation do not really know about Lil Kim and how she was our Black Barbie long ago before Nicki ever thought of being a Black Barbie. Nicki is so hyped up now by the younger generation but she is not original. Not only that she doesn't rap about anything. Lil Kim was a lyricist. Poor Nicki I don't know whether to blame her stylist or herself for stealing the style of Lil Kim and Lady Gaga. Young people you be the you think Nicki is a Swagger Jacker?

Gaga inspired looks

I do not take any credit for any of the pictures shown above.


edk.dolce said...

I have to say that I laugh at Nicki everytime I hear a song of hers on the radio. I mean, that "from tha mutha-land" sh*t is ridiculous!! She really tries to be everyone at the same time. She told Jada that Jada (Pinkett) was her idol, and Jada was just kinda rolling her eyes. Lame, lame. She lip synced at the awards, and so on. But these kids these days (I'm 22 so I'm young) have and idea of music in their heads that is garbage. Even at my age, I have throwbacks on my MP3 player. All this music is these days is hoes dancing around naked and people taking their clothes off, celebrity sex tapes, and kids "jerkin" on the street corner. I think it's sad because HIP HOP is not how it use to be. It has evolved, yes; but it has taken a turn into something that is no longer positive for children to listen to. My daughter will never see another Beyonce video again on my watch. Or ciara for that matter. And Rihanna (I love you RIRI) is getting on that block list too...It's just *sigh* disgusting.

Ms.Choice said...

I totally agree...hip hop is nothing like it used to be. I only listen to Nicki to laugh at all of her corky voices. I don't blame you with the Beyonce, Ciara thing. Little girls should not see the things they are doing on television these days. I am happy Ciara's video was banned from BET. Thanks for you comment

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