Monday, June 14, 2010

OMG...Look What I Found

You know me I love to browse the web to see what fabulous items I can find that you might like. The website of my choice today is Jessica Simpson Collection, I saw a pair of shoes that I absolutely loved and was told she got them from the website. I will not be sharing those with you but I will show you other cute items....I have to keep those hottt shoes under wraps until I purchase them. : ) Ok ladies here are my favorite items from her collection.


Annetty 89.00

Koolia 69.99

Severe 79.99

Shieva 98.00

Junie 89.00

Acadia 59.99- 79


Escape Stud Hobo 88.00

Escape Satchel 88.00

Uptown Satchel 108.00

Uptown Hobo 88.00


Chic Metal Sunglasses 55.00

Matte Bronze Sunglasses 55.00

Ultra Hip Sunglasses  50.00

Vented Oversized Sunglasses 45.00

Please be sure to check out You won't regret it.

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