Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Reality Recap of the Week 6/16/10 part I

One of my favorite reality shows is back for its new season. The show I am talking about is Design Star. I love watching the creative ideas come to life in a room. This week the contestants were only given 500 dollars for the materials for their white room challenge and were told that they will be shopping at an Asian marketplace. The twist this week was that they were paired with another contestant and had to design the space to the liking of who their partner was. Each had time to ask questions to determine what the person would want in their room. Once at the market they were only given one hour to shop.

During the judges walk through one of the designers threw their partner under the bus. When interviewed she described a lounge type room but when the judges asked if she like the room that he created for her she said he missed her personality all together and that she was more Bohemian Chic. Unfortunately that was not what she told him and he was placed in the bottom six. The judges picked the six favorites and the bottom six have to wait it out.

This season something new is that the people who are in the bottom of the pack will have to create a taped walk through of their space to show their personality on television. So not only will they be judged on their room, they will be judged on their persentation of their room. I love this new element of the competition. In the end Nina won best room and Julie got sent home (good decision).   Here are some of the pictures of the best rooms and then a picture of Julie's room, you will be able to see why she was sent home. To see the other's room please go to HGTV,

   Nina's Room (winner)

     Casey's room

Dan's Room      

Michael's Room  

Tera's Room     

Trent's Room     

Julie's Room (sent home)


Mia Delessi said...


MSJNT said...

I love Tera's room. It was minimal and classy. Nina is the Queen B this season. All her design is contrived...who liked her mural crap. It she does it for ever challenge than she is a one trick pony. Miss Clive and hate it that the judges are so mean this season. I wish that there were more individual challenge and not far fetched ones like the instruments one. Where is the house or townhouse?? They got them like Project Runway. Boo Hiss on the new season...But great review from you!!

Ms.Choice said...

Thanks for the comment....I wish there were more individual competitions as well

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