Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Say it with me ... PEDICURES ARE MY FRIEND!!!

Ok ladies if you are going to wear sandals this summer please treat yourself to a pedicure before you do. Cracked feet, chipped polish and peeling  heels are not cute and should be illegal. If you know me you know that I absolutely hate to see clear polish on women's toe nails. Throw some type of color on them. Clear is for Men!!!! Be Bright, Bold, and Beautiful for these summer months. Try yellows, pinks, blues, greens of all shades. Stand out in the world of feet. If those colors are too much for you go classic with a french tip. Just make sure your feet are done. Last buy sandals in a half size bigger for comfort and so your feet do not hang off the front or back, because you WILL I repeat WILL get talked about if you are seen with your toes dangling off the front of you shoes.  Now here are some of my favorite spots to get pedicures from in Columbus, Ohio and its surrounding areas:

Secret Nails
1706 N Hill Rd
Pickerington, Ohio

Pamper Me Nail Spa
5269 Gender Rd
Canal Winchester, Ohio

Regal Nails
6674 Winchester Blvd
Canal Winchester, Ohio

Happy Feet Pampering.
Feet shown in picture done by Melane Smith (for her information add her on Facebook)

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